Who We Are and Our Mission

Who We Are

Imagine the future of a community that ensured that all of its children had the opportunity to receive a first-rate education… where the knowledge and tools of instruction weren’t left only with educators, but were provided for collaboratively and in partnership with concerned citizens… where volunteers worked to harness the collective will and resources needed to move “putting our children first” from a cliché to a guided principle. Imagine Rocky River, where quality public education has been a civic cornerstone for generations, and where the Rocky River Education Foundation has been supporting this ideal since 1984.

About RREF

Putting children first is the guiding principle of the the Rocky River Education Foundation (RREF) a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation designed to support and enhance the educational experience of Rocky River City School District students. Established in 1984, the organization raises funds for teacher grants and administers individually designated scholarship funds and awards. RREF is directed by a volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of parents, teachers and community leaders.


The purpose of The Rocky River Education Foundation shall be to enrich and provide added quality to the educational experience of the students attending the Rocky River City Schools; to encourage further development of specialized talents, skills and academic achievements for individual students, faculty or administrators of the Rocky River City Schools and to continue the educational traditions in our public school system that have contributed to Rocky River's reputation as an outstanding suburban community.

More Information

For more information regarding the Rocky River Education Foundation, please contact Adam Nazette at Adam.Nazette@gmail.com or 216-401-6848.