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RREF Scholarship winners for 2015


Author Trudy Ludwig

Author Trudy Ludwig

A Sky Full of Stars

RREF honored, will sponsor visit by author Jodi Picoult

Kensington Safety Vests and Flags

Kensington students patrol with the safety vests and flags provided by RREF.  Patrol advisor Craig MacDonald and our staff thank the Foundation for their support for this project to improve student safety while providing motivating vests and flags for our students.

RREF supports New Playground for Goldwood Primary School

Thanks to Sue Botos and the WestLife for this great article about RREF educational grants.

Rocky River Educational Foundation helps teachers bring lessons to life

Rocky River High School's Pirate Press reports on RREF

Our student journalists report on RREF and its impact on educational experiences in Rocky River Schools.

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The High School Environmental Club has chosen RREF as the beneficiary of its recycling program!

The High School Environmental Club has partnered with Sanford and TerraCycle to recycle writing instruments. Not only will these writing instruments be recycled, but they generate an average of 2 cents per writing instrument for the Club. The Club has selected the RREF to be the recipient of these funds. Boxes have been distributed to all science classrooms, the library, the art room, etc. for the purposes of collecting pens, pencils, markers, etc. The only item the company does not recycle is crayons. Once a paper box is full it will be sent in for weighing, a ‘credit’ will be issued, and they even pay for postage for the box. Once a year, the ‘credits’ will be converted to cash and distributed to RREF.

Rocky River Education Foundation gives students an educational advantage

West Life Article

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