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President's Letter

On behalf of the Rocky River Education Foundation

I was in the Rocky River City Schools Board of Education offices recently, and I saw their mission, vision, and goals statement on the wall. Their goals read this way, “Globally Competitive, Exceptional Opportunities, Caring Environment, Successful Students.” I cannot tell you the feeling of pride and joy that washed over me as I thought about the role that the Rocky River Education Foundation (RREF) plays in helping our schools to accomplish each and every one of those goals. It is because of those goals that Rocky River City Schools continue to be one of the best school systems in the entire state of Ohio. Those goals get lived out in our amazing teachers, gifted administration, incredibly supportive community, and, most of all, our exceptional students. Two of those students are my two sons. One is a sixth grader, and one is a fourth grader. I have a passion for the RREF because I believe in the work that we do, but I also have two boys who are impacted by the grants that we fund for the teachers throughout the year. At the RREF our mission statement uses words like enrich, quality, and encourage when referring to the way our foundation interacts with the schools. We do that in three different ways. First, we fund many different grant requests that we receive from the teachers and administrators. These grants give teachers the opportunity to think in new, creative, and cutting-edge ways when it comes to educating our kids. For example, Beth Paul, a teacher at Kensington, wrote a grant to fund her summer reading program. She wanted to make sure kids kept reading throughout the summer by rewarding them when they returned to school in August. Our grant funded all of the prizes that she gave away to the students of that summer reading program. I was able to be there to explain to the entire student body of Kensington how the RREF took part in this great program. Our grant was able to impact the entire school and to help keep our kids keep reading over the summer.

Over the past year RREF was able to fund over $41,000 in grant requests. Our grants continue to be wide ranging. They benefit all of the schools, all age groups, and many of the different academic areas such as math, science, technology, and the arts. Secondly, the RREF currently administers forty-five scholarships that are awarded to seniors at Rocky River High School. This year through those scholarships we were able to administer over $54,000 to many of our students who continue to excel in so many different academic areas. Congratulations to all of those deserving students. Lastly, RREF continues to support the guest speaker/author series. With our support the schools have been able to invite some best-selling authors to our school district. Over the last few years each one of our schools has had the opportunity to meet an author. Through this series our students have an opportunity to not only read the books, but they can engage with the authors of those wonderful books as well. Last fall we welcomed author and cartoonist Terri Libenson to RRMS. She is the author of “Pajama Diaries” comic strip and many children’s books. This program has been a tremendous success for our school district.

How is this made possible? All of this work is made possible because of the overwhelming support of each and every one of you. It is because of your love for our schools and our students that we are able to have such a powerful impact on their education. We cannot do it without you. Thank you for your faithful and ongoing support. Those goals I mentioned earlier are being accomplished because of your tremendous support of the RREF. Thank you. Please consider making a donation to the RREF at I invite you to also think of RREF in your estate planning. Legacy giving can give you the opportunity to impact the lives of Rocky River City School students for generations to come. You can also support us by marking your calendars with the date for this year’s RREF Annual Gala at Westwood Country Club. It will be on Saturday, March 9, 2019. I invite all of you to be a part of our largest fundraiser of the year. I look forward to seeing you there! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your support.

Rev. Daniel F. Bogre, President

For more information regarding the Rocky River Education Foundation, please contact Bill Blough at or call 216-533-0666.